Born Again Apparel Co's mission is to help build God's kingdom and people's relationship with Jesus; but we aren't the only ones.  There are many amazing ministries, organizations, and businesses with similar efforts and we want to help make it known, so we have reserved space in our online shop to promote their apparel and designs as well.  We invite you to check out these amazing organizations and support them as best you can. 

Kingdom Builder

This Kingdom Builder collection is a custom collection created by our 12 year old daughter, Elizabeth, as a year-long fundraiser at our church. Matthew 6:33 tells us to "Seek first God's Kingdom" and in seeking, we are called to help build the kingdom.  In December 2022, Elizabeth took her first global mission trip and was able to witness firsthand what it means to "go into all the world" and to build His kingdom.  This apparel collection is designed to boldly proclaim our desire to advance God's kingdom.  For each purchase of a hat or shirt, $10 will be donated to the Kingdom Builders fund at River Valley Church.  Elizabeth's Kingdom Builders goal for 2023 is $1,000. This fund goes toward church planting, missionary support, and resourcing multiple ministries globally as well as locally.  ClickHERE to learn more about the Kingdom Builders fund.

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Social Media Ministries

Social Media Ministries is a project created by Spencer Coffman that is committed to spreading the Word of God to as many people as possible. Social Media Ministries is founded on the belief that social media is the place to reach more people in more places and are counting on you to help them fulfill their mission.

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